What to do with a nutrition degree other than RD – part 7


Hello everyone, I hope you are staying warm in this not so warm February!

If you are in Food and Nutrition and are not sure what career is waiting for you after graduation, and the dietetic internship isn’t for you, continue reading! (If you want to do the internship still continue reading because this may interest you too!) As promised, I will be posting examples of jobs weekly that are in the Nutrition field and do not require a Registered Dietitian designation.

So since its been so frigid I’ve decided to take this weeks post on an international adventure! If you love traveling and learning about new cultures then this may a perfect career opportunity for you!


So how do you feel about England? Well here is a very interesting job that may be just right for you! Check it out. :) This may lead you to your next adventure!

Remember the big picture, and imagine what sort of experience this could bring you! Challenge your adventurous side and continue to learn in every opportunity! :)

If you need to tweak your resume before sending it out for permanent jobs or summer jobs, visit us at the SLC during Resume & Cover Letter Drop in hours. Visit our website for more details.

See you soon!

-One Brescia girl to another*

Alternative Spring Break (ASB) Team Winnipeg

Welcome everyone after a week without school! And welcome back to those who went away for a little while.

For my reading week, I spent it with a team of girls from main campus who were ready to be the change. I had the great pleasure to be able to be a participant of Western Alternative Spring Break (ASB).

What is ASB?

ASB is an opportunity for students to spend their reading week on a service trip to learn more about their community and about their world. Its an opportunity for students to challenge their way of thinking, perspectives about different issues and to learn more about themselves. This year, ASB opened up this opportunity to the affiliated and I’m glad to be able to represent Brescia!


Team Winnipeg and our Siloam Leaders For more read: http://www.asb.uwo.ca/programgoals.cfm

When I told people I was going to Winnipeg in one of the coldest months, I had few people laugh at me or ask why would I go to the coldest city out of all provinces? I didn’t choose my destination based on the beautiful sun and hot weather. Instead I chose it depending on the programs and what we will be doing. Team Winnipeg had the opportunity to understand what  homelessness and food security is.

I stayed at Siloam Mission, one of the biggest shelters across Canada, that clothes, feeds and loves those who are less fortunate. Siloam Mission is committed to serve in the inner city of Winnipeg every single day. My team had the opportunity to serve in the soup kitchen, art room, clothing store and donations department. One of the coolest things about Siloam Mission is how much they depend on donations and volunteerism.

Every single day at the soup kitchen we delivered 800 plates to the patrons (homeless) a day. AND the best part is that all food is donated!


Winnipeg has one of the largest Indgineous Community in Canada. I had the opportunity to celebrate the culture during my stay!

That very moment, I had the opportunity to witness what a community is. A community comes together in unity to serve and help those who are in need. I hope as many of us are well -educated we can live in community and unity. Then we will truly experience what it means to have a family in the place we live.

Every single day that I was there, I was challenged about the way I thought about homelessness and poverty. I was pushed to see things in different perspectives that eventually resulted in compassion. Each person that walks through the doors of Siloam is just like you and me. A person who deserves that respect and compassion from all.

No one deserves to be seen as trash nor deserves to be deprived of their basic needs. Yesterday night, I read about 2013 stats about homelessness in winter and 37 people like me and you froze to death in Toronto. No one deserves to live life alone.

My biggest tip to any of the years below me or my fellow peers is to use all the opportunities Western and Brescia can offer you. You’ll be amazed how much support you can get. You just have to look for it.

I really appreciated the opportunity for this trip because it gave me a broader view of what I can do with my Community Development Degree at Brescia. And one thing I got out of the trip is that I want to be a humanitarian. I want to use the blessings and power I have to advocate for those who don’t have their basic needs.  Then we start to be change in the world.

It starts from you.




Alternative Spring Break: Team Winnipeg

Hi All!

This week I’m going to share about my service trip in Winnipeg where I had the opportunity to learn about homelessness and food security.

Here is an introductory video of where I served! Siloam Mission


This video will change your perception of those experiencing homelessness in Winnipeg. It’s a brutal experience – mentally and physically – and the treatment they receive in the community isn’t always favourable. But homelessness isn’t permanent. For many of our clients, there is life after the streets. In fact, some even work here.

Want to find a summer job?

Welcome back everyone, hope you all enjoyed the reading week break!

Summer may seem far away right now but it will be here before you know it! What are your employment plans for the summer?

Here are some of my thoughts on getting prepared for a summer job search as a student studying Food Management:


(1) Try to be clear about what you  want to do as soon as possible

The program you are studying now doesn’t necessarily have to be the direction that you may take in your future career. Ask yourself what you are really passionate about since that will support you later when you come across difficulties.


(2) It is ok if you have no idea what you are currently passionate about. 

My interest in FOOD led to studying  Food Management, however, it is such a broad area with so many complicated categories that sometimes I feel confused. I think the most important thing is to research and understand this field from a broad point of view first and get to know the bigger topic areas  related to this field (FOOD: food company, restaurant, hospital, healthcare).

Then break this bigger picture into details, and from there you may find some interests to get you started  (e.g. Food company: packaging, product development, marketing, financing, human resource, nutrition analysis, food safety supervision… )


(3) Find out your strengths after figuring out your interests

Actions speak louder than words, so go ahead think about your skills and strengths as they relate to your interests. Now start finding opportunities to practice and enhance these skills and strengths to help prepare you for the job market.


(4) Polish your resume and cover letter so that they prove that you are the best fit for the job. 

After noticing  your interests and strengths, you are finally  ready to look for a job.  Do you know the next important step?

Yes, it’s time to polish your Resume and Cover Letter, they are the best reflection of you. Let the Career Peers help you make an excellent application before summer comes! We have a One-Stop Drop-In Session for Resume and Cover Letter Review for all students on Wednesday March 4th 2015, 12:30-2:30 (St. James Living Room) and please bring a print copy of your resume and/or cover letter.


(5) Book a Mock Interview to practice before your formal interview for the job you are applying for

You can either book online or through our website or drop by the Student Life Center. Career Peers will provide you helpful feedback to make you feel more confident about the interview process!

Okay! Now it’s your turn to get started with these tips and tricks.  Good luck!


What to do with a nutrition degree – Other than RD Part 6


Reading week is here! Wooooooo!

Sleep Pillow

If you are in Food and Nutrition and are not sure what to do after graduation, and the dietetic internship isn’t for you then continue reading! (If you want to do the internship still continue reading because this may interest you too!) As promised, I will be posting examples of jobs weekly that are in the Nutrition field and do not require a Registered Dietitian designation.

Product Development. Woah, sounds intense. But how cool would it be to develop new food items?? Very!


This week’s job posting is a Research and Development Technologist. What!? I can do that?? Yes you can! Remember how I said to keep an open mind :D. Check out this job posting that seems very interesting for anyone who is creative and loves food! So everyone at Brescia! (jokes :P) Click here to read more about this cool job!

Reading week is an excellent time to start your job searching if you haven’t started already! Visit our website for more tips on career exploration.

Have a great week off!

-One Brescia girl to another*

Where has your education taken you?

Ask yourself, where has your education taken you??

Mine has taken me to places I had never even imagined. Places I never even thought I could reach. When I finished highschool, I had no intention, no dreams of attending university….I did not think I was that girl smart enough to attend university, so I decided to try college first. Here I was, trying to decide “what I want to be when I grow up” (that dreaded question that I still get asked and really have no clue of the clear answer), trying to decide what program I wanted to enroll in for my diploma. I decided on Human Resources Management, very unsure of where this would take me.

But look at me now, I have a college diploma under my belt and I am in my final semester of my undergraduate degree here at Brescia. Throughout my 6 years of post secondary education it was not a easy path for me. There were bumps along the way I had to overcome. During my time at Brescia I switched my degree 3 times until I found the one. This scared me at the time, but now I look back and realize it was no big deal.

Do not feel like you are “stuck” in anything. Do not feel like you have to stay in a program just because. Think about where your education has taken you, think about what makes you happy and make any necessary switches if that’s what it takes.


Understand that education is a lifelong journey. Never close the doors to opportunities because you never know. I always keep the option of graduate school in my mind, because I never know where life and my education will take me.

If you are struggling with that question you get often “what are you going to do with your degree?” The Brescia website has a great tool called Degree to Career. This tool allows you to select your degree and lets you explore the skills you have gained during this degree. This can be useful when building your resume for future job opportunities!

The Student Life Centre at Brescia is also a great tool during your education to help you with your career support. Visit the website to learn more about the programs they provide!

Tell yourself you are great, thank yourself for pursuing post secondary education, embrace every minute of your journey through education (even when a million things are on the go and stress is high) and allow yourself to succeed!! :)

~ Kaitlin ~



An Average Person Changes Their Career 7 Times

Have you ever wonder where you will be in 5 or 10 years from now? I’m sure many of us would want to be in place where we would be financially stable, possibly start a family or be able to have job security?

One thing I always believed when choosing what I wanted to do and what I wanted to study is that I can only choose one. I believed whatever I was going to study will be job for my future forever. I thought I could only have ONE job.

In the past four years in university, one most important thing, I have learned is that there are endless amount of options when choosing careers. When networking with others and talking to them about their careers, I’ve noticed that many of them have done variety types of job. And sometimes the most unexpected were the best.

They didn’t just have only ONE focus. 

In this article, they have done research in Americans that an average person changes their career at least 7 times. Click here to read more about it!

So what does this mean to you?

For me, it is comforting to know I have an opportunity to explore different career paths. I’ve always been a person who wanted to everything, and with this stat, I could possibly do various types of jobs!

Take some time to reflect the things you want to do or haven’t done in your undergrad. It’s never to late. So explore who you are and what you love to do!



What to do with a Nutrition Degree other than RD – Part 5

Hellooooo! :)

If you are in Food and Nutrition and are not sure what to do after graduation, and the dietetic internship isn’t for you then continue reading! (If you want to do the internship still continue reading :P) As promised, I will be posting examples of jobs weekly that are in the Nutrition field and do not require a Registered Dietitian designation.


This week’s post is about becoming a Professional Home Economist. Huh??? What is that you say? Well allow me to explain, with the Nutrition & Dietetics degree at Brescia you have the credits needed to become a Professional Home Economist and add the P.H.Ec. designation after your name as long as you become a member. Really!? Yess! Go check it out for more info!

But what can I do as a Professional Home Economist?? Well, jobs are posted on the website; however, you need to be a member to access them, so become a student member today! I know that a Professional Home Economist would be a great person to teach nutrition skills, budgeting, etc. The possibilities are endless!

healthy homec

Remember, have an open mind and never pass up an opportunity! You are sure not to get it if you do not apply, so put yourself out there! :) Be Brescia Bold!

-One Brescia girl to another*

The Art of Networking

Hello everyone, Career Symposium is coming up this Thursday and there are also other various  networking opportunities provided at Brescia. Do you know how to overcome networking barriers and start to build connections that count?

You should notice that networking is more than just making friends, it can actually expand your career knowledge and connections. Here are some tips that may help:images9I38FUW1

(1) Go to as many opportunities as you can:

Networking opportunities will provide you with resources that can support your future development of mutually beneficial relationships, which can further lead you to the discovery and sharing of opportunities.


(2) Know your strength and find commonality:

Understand what you can offer and where you fit within the interests and fields of those you want to connect to or from whom you’d like to learn more.untitled

(3) Shout out your uniqueness and your dream, let everyone know:

Let others know about your skills, qualifications, strengths, and interests which will help you develop a broad set of connections that consist of people that can help you or refer you to others who can.


(4) Learn something from everyone you meet:

Open yourself to the unexpected possibilities. Don’t undervalue the importance of talking to someone you weren’t intending to. Be aware of the importance of absorbing others’ strength to achieve self-improvement.



(5) Do not expect immediate results:

Don’t be too result-oriented.

You never know where the connections are going to be but they DO exist and networking puts you in the game! Once you understand the value of networking, you will begin to realize that it should DEFINITELY be part of your job search and career development strategy.

What is a mock interview you ask?

Hi everyone!

As you may (or may not know), mock interviews are off and running!

Just a reminder that mock interviews run:

  • Tuesdays 2 & 3pm by appointment
  • Thursdays 4 & 5pm by appointment

Please come by the Student Life Centre if you would like more information or to make an appointment!


What is a mock interview you might ask??

Well, a mock interview is simply a practice interview. A mock interview will give you a chance to practice for an actual interview you may have coming up and receive feedback about your interview performance.

A mock interview can help you develop strategies to answer interview questions, improve your communication skills and most importantly help reduce stress/nerves you may be experiencing regarding your upcoming interview.

What type of mock interview will I receive??

Your mock interview will be a panel interview consisting of 2 friendly career peers. The format of the interview will be: 30 mins of questions, 10 minutes of self reflection and 10 minutes of feedback from the interviewers.

You will provide us with your resume and a specific job posting/description of a job you wish/are applying for. This helps us tailor the interview to meet your specific needs!

How to prepare for your mock interview??

Try and take your mock interview as seriously as you would an actual interview! We suggest you prepare for your interview the same you would for an actual interview (practice answering questions, research the company of interest etc.)

To get the most out of your experience we suggest you follow basic interview rules such as arriving 10 mins early, dress professional, bring a copy of your interview/any possible references, shake hands with the interviewer etc. This allows you to get into the habit of strong interview tactics!


I hope these tips can help you feel better about you mock interview process with the Student Life Centre.

I hope you all take advantage of this amazing learning tool! I look forward to meeting you and we will see you on the other side of the table!

Best of luck as you build your career skills,