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Fall is a time of change…

26/365 (feb 11, 2010)

The academic year is just getting rolling at Brescia and as you enter your second day of classes it is so refreshing to see campus come to life again after a quiet summer.  Students are experiencing a myriad of normal emotions as they begin this academic year from excitement to  anxiousness and everything in between…the fall is a time of change! How do you handle the inevitable times of transition and change in your life?  Here are some suggestions for thriving through times of change:

  • Expect to feel uneasy when change occurs: Whenever we move forward after a change occurs in our life, we leave something behind…this can create a sense of unease and even sadness for what was lost or what is different. This forces us to reach beyond our comfort zones and proceed into new and unfamiliar territory.
  • Think positively…view change as an opportunity: While the future may be unfamiliar when a change occurs, it can also be exciting!  “One key to successful leadership is continuous personal change. Personal change is a reflection of our inner growth and empowerment.”( Robert E. Quinn)
  • Be open to changing your routine: Routines can be comforting and predictable but when change happens, our routines can go out the window! This is a time to explore and stretch outside of your comfort zone. You will establish new routines as we are “creatures of habit”, but  being open to trying new ways of doing things will help you adapt and learn within your new environment.
  • Be realistic: You may find yourself getting tired of change or wishing the change had never happened, this can add stress to how you are experiencing the change and transition through it. It’s okay to feel this way if you can acknowledge you do and then try to move forward with patience and a positive outlook. Be kind to yourself, adapting to change takes time…days, months, years, it’s different for each person.
  • Reach out for support: It can be challenging to manage times of change on your own and it’s completely okay and often necessary to lean on others for support during these times. Know that at Brescia and Western we are here to support you always…you can reach out to your professors and instructors for support, Brescia staff members and of course your peers. Here are some helpful resources to be aware of and utilize if you want to seek support:
    • Brescia Academic Advising: Academic Advisors can help you plan your academic program, develop strategies for academic achievement and provide timely and appropriate referrals for academic and personal support resources.
    • Brescia Student Life Centre: Supports student orientation and transition through many programs including Career Coaching, Peer Mentor programs, and providing timely and appropriate referrals for academic and personal support resources.
    • Western’s Student Development Centre: Offers Learning Skills services, individual counselling, crisis counselling and group sessions for coping with anxiety and stress
    • Student Health Services: Offers counselling services and psychiatry and physician counselling for students currently on medication.
  • International Student Support: @ Brescia: Contact Christina Lord (, @ Western visit: to learn more.

For other helpful resources, please visit: Mental Health @ Western

-Pam Core

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