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Midterm Craziness!

Hey Brescia babes!

I’m sure everyone is just as stressed as I am right now during this midterm madness. Today’s post is just about a few things I like to do to take a mental break and stay energized!

1) Take breaks, yes do it, no exceptions! Even if you think you have no time to take any breaks, it is so important to have a little bit of “me time” everyday. Whether that is hopping onto YouTube for a few minutes to watch some comedy (check out Chris D’elia he’s one of my favourites), or reading what the Career Peers are talking about on the Student Life Blog, make sure you are taking a few minutes for yourself everyday! 😉

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2) Plan your meals ahead of time and pack lunches! Not only will you save money this way instead of constantly eating on campus, you will not have the stress of figuring out what to make for dinner if you plan the day before. Packing lunches will also help you stay on tract with your healthy eating which will help you focus and succeed in your midterms!

If you have a crockpot, now is the time to throw everything in in the morning and BAM you have a nice ready-to-eat dinner when you come home. Here are some recipe ideas for your crockpot!

3) Everything in perspective! Even though it feels like the end of the world if we don’t always achieve the high standards we set for ourselves, at the end of the day we are fortunate to be able to acquire an education and things could always be worse! Think about your “worse” case scenario and usually it isn’t as bad as we expect it to be, you can always draw some positivity if you really think about it.


I hope these tips help you get through this rough time. Remember to appreciate everyday, we often take things for granted. Make sure to laugh some things off and move on to the next task, its always better than dwelling on the negative.

Now go make a tea, or a hot chocolate and take a little break. Good luck studying and writing the remainder of your midterms!

You can do it! 😀

-One Brescia girl to another*

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