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A New Year, A New Me

Welcome back All,

For many of you it may be a dread to be back or maybe some of you are excited that you’re going to be done school in less than 4 more months! Or maybe you have a list of new year resolutions you may want to do to enhance your university experience.

No matter what year you are in your undergrad, you should be able to enjoy your time as a student on campus and meet new people.

Here are some little quick tips for you to enhance your university experience this semester!

Attend Western Varsity Games

uwo mustang

One of my favourite things to do around campus is going to varsity games to celebrate our athletes and our school spirit. The season is filled with hockey, volleyball, basketball, track and field and fencing. The best part of these varsity games is that if you are a Western student it’s free! Gather some friends and support our Varsity Athletes!

Get Involved with London Community Events


There are always tons of students events on campus but the London community offers different fun activities for students to enjoy. Don’t just be stuck in the student community instead get engaged in the community you are living in.

The Western Fair, always has great events hosted and it’s a great way for you to see what the city has to offer you.

One of my favourite weekend things that doesn’t cost you much is going to farmer markets. The biggest farmer market is at Western Fair and happens every Saturday! Its a great place to get fresh produce, see unique food cuisine and there’s always food samples!

Or visit the Western Fair website to see some fun events like the London’s Bridal Expo.

Take Advantage of Brescia Student Council and Brescia Community Events:


Our big school event for Brescia Ball is coming up but don’t be disappointed if you didn’t get any tickets for Brescia Ball. Because you can always attend the Wine and Cheese Event on January 23rd 2015 at 7pm in the Mercato.

Feel free to just get a group of friends and dress up to attend.

If you’re not free that weekend, University Student Council Charity team is hosting Charity Ball on January 31st. Or go to the Spoke on Main Campus where there are weekly different activities like listening to Rick McGhie with some delicious nachos!

Visit their websites to see upcoming school events.


There are endless amount of opportunities and events to enhance your university experience. But the only tip I can give you to help you is to chase after it. If you want something, you have to find it and just do it.

Grab a friend, pick something to do and enjoy your university time.

Enjoy and embrace this semester. Enjoy the stress, enjoy the company you have along side and enjoy the opportunity to learn something new everyday!




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