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What to do with a Nutrition Degree other than RD – Part 5

Hellooooo! 🙂

If you are in Food and Nutrition and are not sure what to do after graduation, and the dietetic internship isn’t for you then continue reading! (If you want to do the internship still continue reading :P) As promised, I will be posting examples of jobs weekly that are in the Nutrition field and do not require a Registered Dietitian designation.


This week’s post is about becoming a Professional Home Economist. Huh??? What is that you say? Well allow me to explain, with the Nutrition & Dietetics degree at Brescia you have the credits needed to become a Professional Home Economist and add the P.H.Ec. designation after your name as long as you become a member. Really!? Yess! Go check it out for more info!

But what can I do as a Professional Home Economist?? Well, jobs are posted on the website; however, you need to be a member to access them, so become a student member today! I know that a Professional Home Economist would be a great person to teach nutrition skills, budgeting, etc. The possibilities are endless!

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Remember, have an open mind and never pass up an opportunity! You are sure not to get it if you do not apply, so put yourself out there! 🙂 Be Brescia Bold!

-One Brescia girl to another*

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