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As another day pass, I quickly realized that I’m done school in a month and a bit. Some days I feel like a first year who just walked through the doors at Brescia. So time is ticking and I must finish off my bucket list!

I have created a bucket list for my university undergrad and there’s some student events I haven’t been to yet.

Did you know that the Spoke has events every night to entertain at the pub?

First years, if you haven’t met Rick McGhie, I hope you do! He’s a Western classic who plays acoustic covers like Hotel California or some popular pop music.

Since the sun is out and the beautiful is coming to play soon check out the beautiful patios and students events coming up on Main!

spoke_website_02Spokes Programming!

Monday – Monday Night Sports Night to watch the game of any sport

Tuesday: Live Band Rockaoke at 9 pm. Get out and sing along!

Wednesday: Rick McGhie

Thursday: Thursday Trivia Night at 9 pm. Compete and have fun

Friday/Sat/Sun Coffee House Night programming from student groups!

If you have been to the spokes, what is favourite bagel? Comment Below!

If you haven’t been, please go walk down the hill and try a spinach mushroom bagel!



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