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What to do with a nutrition degree other than RD – part 8

Hello everyone!

If you are in Food and Nutrition and are not sure what career is waiting for you after graduation, and the dietetic internship isn’t for you, continue reading! (If you want to do the internship still continue reading because this may interest you too!) As promised, I will be posting examples of jobs weekly that are in the Nutrition field and do not require a Registered Dietitian designation.

regulatory affairs

This weeks job posting is in regards to regulatory affairs. It is very important for new products to be released and abide to regulations that are established in Canada. In the nutrition program, we learn how important it is for products to follow standards not only for them to be nutritional but also for the safety and fairness of the buyers.

Here is an example of a job in the GTA in regulatory affairs that requires a Nutrition degree! This would be a great experience to increase your research and development skills as well as critical thinking.

Remember to be bold and apply to jobs even if you don’t meet every criteria, you may be the most qualified applicant. And you know what you can bring to a work force, make sure the employer gets to hear what you have to say! 🙂

Summer job hunting season has arrived! check out this previous post for more tips!

Have a good week!

-One Brescia girl to another*

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