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Staying Motivated!

Hi Everyone!

This week, all my professors have reminded me that we have hit the final 3 weeks of classes. Wait, what? THE FINAL 3 WEEKS OF CLASSES? Already?? How did this happen?!

For those students who are not graduating, it may just be another exam period coming that will lead into another great summer!

For those students who are graduating, it may be your final exam period coming that will lead into the exciting world of employment after graduation!

Either way, we all struggle with motivation the last few weeks of a semester. For me, the later we get into March…and the closer we get into final exams….the less motivation I have.

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Question: Do you struggle with motivation the closer we get to the final exam period?

If you are reading this and shaking your head yes to the above question, keep reading! **and if you are not shaking your head yes, keep reading anyways – because this blog will be awesome 🙂

When it comes to motivation, you want to ask yourself “do I really want to let myself down”. You have come so far with your school work, and worked so hard that you do not want motivation to get the best of you and make you throw it all away with some bad marks. Keep telling yourself over and over, I can do this…I can do this. Understand that if you push yourself now, it will pay off in the future. My parents always told me growing up, “Katie, hard work pays off”. Now I completely understand where they were coming from!

An important step to keeping your motivation strong is surrounding yourself with other motivated students. When I am losing motivation to study, I always turn to friends who can study with me and encourage me to succeed. You receive energy from those around you! Find a friend/classmate that will feed positive energy your way!

Don’t let failure get the best of you. If you received a mark during midterms that was not your best, brush it off! Focus on your successes, not failures. Tell yourself, no one is perfect and we all struggle at times. Move on from lower marks and focus on higher marks for the next exam.

A final important step to keeping your motivation is knowing it is ok to take breaks! You cannot study 24/7. You need sleep, food etc. etc. Take breaks every now and then to move away from academics and give your brain a rest. Participate in activities that make you happy, whether that is attending a workout class or watching your favourite show on Netflix. We all know what works best for us.

By using the above tips, you can fight your battle with motivation as this semester comes to a close. I want to wish everyone the best luck on final midterms/projects and then final exams!

We can succeed!!

make things happen

Happy studying,


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