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Improve your memory and ready for the exams!

Hello everyone, final exams are coming and are you ready?

It is very important to adjust your body and brain to the best condition to do well for the exams, let’s look at some tips:

1. Walk Before An Exam

It’s been proven that exercise can boost your memory and brain power. Research conducted by Dr. Chuck Hillman of the University of Illinois provides evidence that about 20 minutes exercise before an exam can improve performance.


2. Speak Out Loud Instead of Simply Reading

You will be surprised how much more you can remember when you’ve said it out loud. Warning: Don’t try this in a crowded library!


3. Draw Diagrams

Drawing diagrams will help you to visualise information which would be hard to describe. This creates a visual memory in your mind which can be recalled in an exam.


4. Times New Roman is the Fastest Font to Read

There’s a reason why Times New Roman is the default font on most applications!


5. Take Regular Study Breaks

When your brain is working, you need to take regular study breaks to help your brain absorb more information but also to keep you motivated and focused when you are working. Anything new after 1 hour 30 minutes does not get assimilated.


6. Listen to the Correct Type of Music

Classical music is peaceful and harmonious making it one of the best options to listen to when studying.

It seems that there is evidence that Mozart improves mental performance. They call it the “Mozart Effect.”

Listen to sounds of nature such as rain, waves, jungles or animals while studying. While this is not exactly music it is relaxing and you will feel like you’re in another world.


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Good luck everyone!

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