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What’s your Career Story?

write your own story

With the whole year ahead, the New Years is a time for new beginnings and a great opportunity to assess and make future plans. For your career this might mean new goals and priorities, a new job or just growing in your current role. Wherever you are in your career it is important to understand and appreciate your career story.

Your career story is a way of telling your journey and experiences through the world of work. It could include jobs you’ve had, volunteer positions or special awards and recognition. Having a good grasp of your career story makes it easier to plan for the future and find direction to create the successful and fulfilling professional life you have always wanted. Putting thought into your career story gives depth to your experience and will give you confidence to shine in job interviews as well as when establishing yourself in your profession.

Start the New Year fresh and start filling those pages of your career story.

The student life center has great workshops to help create Your Brescia Experience. This and your Co-curricular Record are great ways to build your career story!story quotation

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