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We tend to focus just on having good grades throughout university but when it comes time for the jobs, internships or masters programs – we find ourselves with a lack of experience. The key is to find the right balance between the two rather than focusing on one thing.

Getting involved in school, work or community is essential for professional development. Either having a job or volunteering will teach many valuable skills. Sometimes, we limit ourselves to positions related to our degree. But there are many transferable skills that can be learnt from all positions. For example, if one works at Forever 21 but would like to become a registered dietician; they would be developing strong communication, teamwork and problem solving skills. The experience would not be a waste but rather be an asset. It’s important to keep an open-mind and learn from every experience.

Additionally, it allows you to expand your network. Many job or volunteer opportunities can arise depending on who you know. So don’t limit yourself! Get involved at Brescia, Western or in the London community! Try something new!

If you are looking to get involved at Brescia, look no further because the Student Life Center is looking for:
1. Career Peers – providing one-on-one resume, cover letter and LinkedIn critiques. Along with facilitating professional development workshops and mock interviews for Brescia students. Now offered as a Work study position if qualified.
2. Professional Mentoring Program – getting connected with a mentor in any discipline who is a Brescia alumna or community member. Matches are not based on career goals alone – entire application is considered. Great program to prepare you for your future aspirations and transitioning into the work place.

Applications for both positions are due for March 13, 2016

** Additionally, Brescia’s student council, SHEA and Fresh are recruit members for the 2016-2017 school year!! Submit your applications today!

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