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How To Find The Right Career For You


University is the time to find out what you are passionate about, and also how to eventually turn that into a career. This can be one of the hardest things a student has to decide, but once you find something that “fits”, it will all be worth the worry that it caused. Here is a checklist of some little things you can think about to help pick a career that will work for you.

  1. What comes naturally to you? Do you thrive in social situations, or are you better at working independently? Think about what kind of learner you are, and see if your preferences would fit with a specific job!
  2. What do you enjoy doing? Turn your hobbies and interests into work! Just because it is a job does not mean it can’t be fun. Do you love going to the gym? Try personal training! Do you love adventure and discovering new places? Think about maybe working as a travel agent. There are so many options that you will love, you just have to think about where your passions are!
  3. Research all the information you need to understand requirements. Not all jobs come easy-sometimes we need to update our skills or take courses to make us more qualified, competitive, and be the kind of worker our employer is looking for.
  4. Find a job that reflects your values, and a company that shares your principles. Most places of work have websites that highlight their values and mission statements. Do your research so you can ensure the place that you are looking to work at correctly aligns with your goals.
  5. Talk to people who work in your area of interest. You probably know by now, finding a job can sometimes be all about who you know. Talking to people in the field can give you some great connections, and also help you learn about what certain companies look for in an employee. Use this information to write a tailored resume and specific cover letter to really impress the employer.
  6. Define your career goals. Everyone wants different things out of a job. Think about jobs you’ve had in the past and what made them so special- start your search by realizing what environment you will be most happy in and look for jobs that fit these characteristics.
  7. Try everything until you find what you love– You don’t have to get it right on the first try, it may take years to find the job that fits just right. You want to happy at your place of work, so don’t settle until you find something that you know you will enjoy.
  8. What are you willing to sacrifice? Do your work and life goals align? Maybe you have always wanted to be a surgeon, but you also want to raise a big family. Those two things can be difficult to juggle, so you may have to adjust your dreams. Would being a family doctor make you just as happy? Maybe this sacrifice to a similar job would be worth it to you if it gave you the best of both worlds!

Don’t be worried if you still are unsure about which career path you should take- according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average worker will hold 10 different jobs before age 40. Through many different experiences, you will find something that you enjoy and if not, don’t stop your search!