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Helpful Tips to Ace Your Midterms!


Midterms are fast approaching and the Student Life Centre wants you to be successful this term! Although you should be preparing for midterms well in advance, we have some last minute tips to make you feel more confident and ready to tackle even your most difficult midterms this semester!

The Night Before:

  • Get Some Sleep!: Having a good night’s sleep will have you waking up fresh and leave you with a sharper mind, which we all know is important for any big test. If you are having trouble sleeping the night before, try tensing your muscles and then relaxing them, starting from your feet and slowly working up to your head. This meditation technique will have you asleep in no time!
  • Pack Your Bag: Don’t leave it until the last minute to prepare your pencil case to write your midterm. Make a checklist of what you will need and pack it in advance- it is a small step, but will allow you to take your time before your midterm and focus only on the material.

The Morning Of:

  • Fuel Your Body and Mind: Breakfast is key in making you more alert and energized in preparation for your midterm. Skipping breakfast will make you feel tired during the test- and you don’t want a grumbling stomach to distract you!
  • Be Comfortable: Wear something that you won’t be fidgeting with, or worrying about for the next few hours- you don’t want to create distractions for yourself.
  • Last Minute Review: We don’t mean cram the last few chapters in a few hours before you write, but make note of the key concepts in your notes that you may need to look over. A quick scan of dates or definitions will make sure the information is fresh in your mind, but can also put you in the right mind set for writing.

Once The Test Begins:

  • Slow Down!: You want to make sure you read the directions carefully on your midterm to make sure you don’t lose unnecessary marks. Sometimes we get stressed during midterms and forget to answer the question being asked, so focus on one question at a time, and slow down so you can organize your thoughts before you put them on paper.
  • Remember To Manage Your Time: Nothing is worse than not paying attention to the clock and having to rush the last page of your midterm to finish. If you don’t know an answer, come back to it at the end- you don’t want to miss out on questions you do know for ones you can’t think of at that moment. You also want to account for some time at the end to look over your test, so be sure to check the clock frequently.
  • Plan Out Your Answers: It is common to feel overwhelmed during a test, and that can sometimes lead to writing answers that are not our best work. Write down key points of the answer, and formulate your sentences carefully- that way you won’t waste time crossing out your work and starting over.

Midterms can be difficult to tackle, but never impossible to overcome! Prepare ahead, and be confident in what you know- the most important thing is to do your best! Whether this is one of your first midterm periods, or your last one in your undergrad, the Student Life Centre wants to wish you good luck in the coming weeks!