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Why I Became A Career Peer: Sophie


I became a Career Peer after I had been involved in Brescia’s Student Council. I loved being a part of Brescia and wanted to be involved in a way that would not only benefit myself but also other Brescia students. Being a Career Peer has allowed me to grow as an individual by improving my critical thinking skills.

As a career peer I get to offer peer to peer support to fellow students by providing resume and cover letter feedback. I was a bit nervous stepping into this role as I had no idea what made a good resume but after extensive training I felt much better. It’s also amazing to see the progress I’ve made over the past 6 months.

I also get to participate in making new career resources, with the Student Life Centre team, to offer on the Brescia website. In my portfolio, I was tasked with creating year-to-year checklists to help ease the transition from university to the workplace.

I also got to participate in the mock interviews that we hold for food and nutrition students. Being in the interviewer’s shoes has definitely better prepared me for when I have potential job opportunities as now I have a better sense of what they are looking for in candidates.
I have really enjoyed my time as a Career Peer. I was able to further develop my leadership skills, and I was able to develop new friendships with my awesome team! This is such a great volunteer opportunity and I encourage anyone who is considering this position to go apply: