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Dress to Impress!

From helping with the Community Development Community Fair and working on the Career Development Certificate workshops, a question I get a lot is “What do I wear to meet an employer?” Many times a student does not have a lot of experience in formal interview settings or professional interview settings. A few simple rules to live by will help make all the difference…and help you feel more confident!

1) Over-dressed vs. Under-dress: It is always better to be over-dressed then to make the mistake of looking under-dressed or ill-prepared. You cannot go wrong with a pair of black dress pants and a blazer, paired with a nice top and dress shoes (heels optional).

2) The little things: Are you wearing jewellery? How much is too much? Keeping in mind you want to look put together and professional, and don’t want the employer to be distracted by excessive jewellery.

3) Hair & Makeup: The rule here is simple; Be yourself! Look put together, like you were intentional in getting ready today, but not overly made-up. If you don’t normally wear makeup, today is not the day to start wearing lots.

4) Don’t Rush! Ensure you leave early so you arrive early (even if you have to go down the street and have a coffee before you go to your interview). Rushing into an interview because you are running behind will shake your confidence and starts the whole process off on a bad foot.

5) Be prepared: The best way to feel more confident is to be prepared. Have your clothes ready the day before. Practice interview questions. Know your resume and experiences. The more prepared you are, the better!

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