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Hello everyone! This is Emily! I hope you had a wonderful time for the Thanksgiving holiday!

You will receive a wonderful gift from Student Life Center at Brescia today…

We are going to provide you with an excellent way to help build your career development!

Have you ever heard of the “Career Development Certificate Program”?

It is an interactive and practical series of group sessions created to teach you about career development, the career planning process and career decision-making.

I completed the program last year and it was really excellent. I will introduce you to what kinds of workshops I attended and what I got from it based on my experience ( just a reminder that there may be some changes every year).

#1 Career Exploration:

I remember I drew the Mind Map for the first workshop, and it really helps me to identify how different areas of interest and positions that are all related, and how many potentials and possibilities you can expand based on those interests. After this workshop, I believe you will be more clear of your broad perspective and you will start to visualize your future.

#2 Resume & Cover Letter Development

With the help of Career Peers Drop-In Hours and the professionals who hold the workshops, you can get a great idea of how to write a resume and cover letter tailored to the job posting.

#3 Job Search Strategies & Building Your Network

Introducing a strategy leading you to come up with your personal goals including well developed steps and to-do’s. Here is also the fun part: where I attended a networking event using the skills and knowledge I learned from the workshop. It is tough when you go to the networking event for the first time, but you will find the knowledge and tips you get from the workshop really help. And after some practice you will get familiar with those occasions, which also helps when you attend recruiter sessions for companies in the future.

#4 Interview Techniques

I completed an online mock interview and sent the interview to our workshop leader for feedback. From there, I practiced many questions based on the feedback she provided. With those tips I really feel more comfortable with answering interview questions, and have been able to have more opportunities to move forward within the job search process to get the job or volunteer opportunity.

#5 Networking

I created my LinkedIn account and built up my network through LinkedIn; getting the chance to follow companies that I am very interested in. I also created a network map and it is so amazing to see how broad my networking already is and that I hadn’t even notice before. I completed an informational interview with a successful business woman and we built a really good relationship! That’s the most valuable experience I got from this part of the workshop.

#6 Portfolio Building, References & On the Job Success

Handing in a reflection paper on my experience in the program, let the leader know how she can improve the program in the future, but also reminded me what a wonderful experience it is. I feel much more confident and professional after I completed these 6 workshops. I really want to say that it is an excellent opportunity for current students to have career related professionals sit besides you, hold you hand, and walk along with you to your future.

If you want to be more confident, professional, and comfortable with your future study and career life, don’t miss this excellent opportunity!

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