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How Many Hours Do You Spend Studying?

For many of you, midterms are done and for some of you, you’re just waiting for that last exam patiently. As a student, there are many times when I just want to get over with my exams and assignments. But maybe a few simple study tips can change your study habits?

Here is a fun little info-graphic for you to improve your study habits! Do you use any of these study tips?

study_tips_infographic_branded_492x891 (1)


There are many times, when my friends ask me, “do you even study or have any work to do?” I tend to respond to them with the answer, “Its because I’m in social science, I don’t have any work.”

From the National Survey and Student Engagement study, they ranked the amount of hours each college student spends from different programs.


Do you agree with this survey? How much do you actually spend timing? If you spend a lot of hours studying, do you have time for yourself? Do you have time to do fun stuff or de-stress? Hopefully this info-graphic will help you with your time management.

Always make sure you have time for rest and for yourself!

Happy Studying! Cheers,


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