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What to do with a Nutrition Degree – other than a RD? Part 1

Hey Brescia girls!

Are you currently in a Food and Nutrition degree and are not sure what you can do other than the famous dietetic internship? You are not alone!

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Becoming a Registered Dietitian is not everyone’s ideal profession. If this sounds like you, you’re in luck! I will be posting examples of jobs weekly that are in the Nutrition field and do not require a Registered Dietitian designation.

If you are finding yourself really interested in the Food Industry, perhaps you would like to work in the Food & Beverage industry? Click here to find a job description for an Assistant Manager, Food & Beverage position at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment. Maybe this is for you??

You can also search all kinds of websites of different companies in the food industry to see if you can find something that really fits what you want to do as a career.

Remember, sometimes you need to look a little harder to find a job that is matched for you but imagine the satisfaction when you find it! You can always come by the Student Life Centre and talk to the amazing staff for more help job searching. 😀

Have a good day!

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