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Things I’ve learned as a Community Development Student



Have you ever thought that your degree sometimes doesn’t seem to be applicable to you life? Or you just don’t know what to do with your degree? As the 2014 year is wrapping up, it’s almost time for the New Years. The new years is usually filled with tons of food, entertainment and new year resolutions.

Other than making new year’s resolutions, don’t forget to reflect what 2014 have taught you.

As I’m reflecting my undergraduate year due to the 4th year crisis, I’m surprised how much I’ve changed as person and as a student. I’m surprised that I’ve actually used the knowledge I paid for and applied it to my work setting and my personal life.

As a Community Development student, I’ve learned a few things that I can keep to pursue better my career and society.

  1. I learned the importance of being an engaging citizen:

Throughout my Community Development major, I’ve had the opportunity to do different placements around London and meet wonderful people. I was placed in different non-profit organizations like Merrymount, HIV/AIDs and Habitat for Humanity.  These experience taught me that it’s important to give back to your community and learn the different ways to build your community up.

As a Community Development student you will learn that there are many passionate volunteers who puts time and effort to keep some of the organizations sustain. If you want to see change in the community, you need to be the start of that change. So let yourself be the start of a new change!

  1. To strive to find something you love and do it with joy and passion:

Throughout highschool, I’ve always pushed myself to do sciences because I thought it would be beneficial for my future education. I took all the sciences and maths but every time I had to do readings it was a dread. I found many ways to procrastinate and to avoid it.

I never found joy and hated every process in doing the work. I had no motivation to keep trying when it was difficult.

The Community Development program taught me to find a cause  that I really care about.  And put all efforts into the work once I find it.

So find something you love to do and do it with joy and passion. And anything that comes along will be a cherry on the top!

So before the year ends, take time to reflect how this semester was. Reflect what you’ve learned in class, get refreshed and be motivated next semester to learn more!

Happy Studying! 🙂



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