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What to do with a nutrition degree other than RD – Part 4

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If you are in Food and Nutrition and are not sure what to do after graduation, this is a post for you! For those of you who haven’t read part 1, 2 & 3; I will be posting examples of jobs weekly that are in the Nutrition field and do not require a Registered Dietitian designation.

This weeks post will be in regards to Food Safety. With the great lab courses offered at Brescia, we have practical knowledge in terms of food safety. It is very important and can be a great sector to pursue a career in!

food safety

For those of you looking for a summer job, here is a job posting I found that would be excellent experience in applying for a permanent position in the future!

For a more permanent type position here is an example of employment that may be just for you!

food safety 2

Remember not to get discouraged, job searching takes time and effort. But don’t forget to attend networking events, you never know who you will meet, maybe your next employer??

Look up other resources and upcoming events on the SLC website.

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