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The Art of Networking

Hello everyone, Career Symposium is coming up this Thursday and there are also other various  networking opportunities provided at Brescia. Do you know how to overcome networking barriers and start to build connections that count?

You should notice that networking is more than just making friends, it can actually expand your career knowledge and connections. Here are some tips that may help:images9I38FUW1

(1) Go to as many opportunities as you can:

Networking opportunities will provide you with resources that can support your future development of mutually beneficial relationships, which can further lead you to the discovery and sharing of opportunities.


(2) Know your strength and find commonality:

Understand what you can offer and where you fit within the interests and fields of those you want to connect to or from whom you’d like to learn more.untitled

(3) Shout out your uniqueness and your dream, let everyone know:

Let others know about your skills, qualifications, strengths, and interests which will help you develop a broad set of connections that consist of people that can help you or refer you to others who can.


(4) Learn something from everyone you meet:

Open yourself to the unexpected possibilities. Don’t undervalue the importance of talking to someone you weren’t intending to. Be aware of the importance of absorbing others’ strength to achieve self-improvement.



(5) Do not expect immediate results:

Don’t be too result-oriented.

You never know where the connections are going to be but they DO exist and networking puts you in the game! Once you understand the value of networking, you will begin to realize that it should DEFINITELY be part of your job search and career development strategy.

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