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Want to find a summer job?

Welcome back everyone, hope you all enjoyed the reading week break!

Summer may seem far away right now but it will be here before you know it! What are your employment plans for the summer?

Here are some of my thoughts on getting prepared for a summer job search as a student studying Food Management:


(1) Try to be clear about what you  want to do as soon as possible

The program you are studying now doesn’t necessarily have to be the direction that you may take in your future career. Ask yourself what you are really passionate about since that will support you later when you come across difficulties.


(2) It is ok if you have no idea what you are currently passionate about. 

My interest in FOOD led to studying  Food Management, however, it is such a broad area with so many complicated categories that sometimes I feel confused. I think the most important thing is to research and understand this field from a broad point of view first and get to know the bigger topic areas  related to this field (FOOD: food company, restaurant, hospital, healthcare).

Then break this bigger picture into details, and from there you may find some interests to get you started  (e.g. Food company: packaging, product development, marketing, financing, human resource, nutrition analysis, food safety supervision… )


(3) Find out your strengths after figuring out your interests

Actions speak louder than words, so go ahead think about your skills and strengths as they relate to your interests. Now start finding opportunities to practice and enhance these skills and strengths to help prepare you for the job market.


(4) Polish your resume and cover letter so that they prove that you are the best fit for the job. 

After noticing  your interests and strengths, you are finally  ready to look for a job.  Do you know the next important step?

Yes, it’s time to polish your Resume and Cover Letter, they are the best reflection of you. Let the Career Peers help you make an excellent application before summer comes! We have a One-Stop Drop-In Session for Resume and Cover Letter Review for all students on Wednesday March 4th 2015, 12:30-2:30 (St. James Living Room) and please bring a print copy of your resume and/or cover letter.


(5) Book a Mock Interview to practice before your formal interview for the job you are applying for

You can either book online or through our website or drop by the Student Life Center. Career Peers will provide you helpful feedback to make you feel more confident about the interview process!

Okay! Now it’s your turn to get started with these tips and tricks.  Good luck!


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