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Build Up Your Network!

Hello everyone! Hope you all enjoyed this nice weather today.

Networking is an important component during your career development process, but many people didn’t notice the real value of it. Networking doesn’t equal to job offer, however, networking= ongoing relationship + valuable advices + self-confidence accumulation.


More than 70% of the job opportunities won’t be posted online; networking will help you find the rest!


Building network really takes time and effort but is extremely valuable. You should participate in as many networking events as possible. Meeting people with different experiences and stories can help you explore your own career pathways and options. Finding commonalities can help get your conversation started.

slow down

At a networking event, don’t be afraid to close a conversation and meet new people. Get his/her contact information or business card and follow-up with them within a day or two. Include something in your message that you spoke about to refresh their memory and include a question that encourages further conversation. The most valuable thing about building your network is building relationships; be willing to help others and be open to what your new contact has to offer.

Now that you know all about the importance of networking, do you know where to start?

YES! There is a Student 2 Business Networking Conference, on Wednesday  March 11, 2015 from 3:00pm – 8:00 pm. It is $10 for student.

If you want more information, click:

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