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Additional tips on resume writing for Masters/ internship applicants


For all of those who are applying to DC internships/ Masters programs, we understand the how much stress you may be experiencing…



So to make resume writing a little bit easier, here are some tips we want to highlight. resume_writing

  1. Follow guidelines of the particular program to which you are applying (i.e. length, margins, fonts)
  2. Double check if the program wants chronological resume only or if they are fine with functional format as well
  3. If you have only  partially completed a prior degree, be clear on the resume how many years you completed
  4. specify the number of hours for volunteering and the timelines (3hrs per week during March – Aug or the total hours in a time frame)
  5. Separate paid work from volunteering and clarifying skills you have acquired
  6. Remember names of supervisors and their designation (i.e. RD) or advisors for volunteer experiences
  7. Separate out work study experience.  If you have been a work study student, you must specify this
  8. Add the geographic location of your volunteer experience or job.
  9. You may not be allowed to use titles such as research assistant or clinical nutrition assistant.  Remember to double check with your research advisor and add the name of the research advisor
  10. Do not use titles such as “RD in training”, “Health promoter”, “Nutrition educator”, “Nutrition consultant”.  At most, a student would have a title such as “Health promotion student”
  11. Put “Education” at the top of your resume.  Make sure you have the correct date of your past or expected graduation.  Include your academic awards and honors
  12. If you participated in a project as part of a team, you must state that (i.e. “as part of a team”.  Do not misrepresent yourself and your level of responsibility for a project
  13. Ensure you have included food service experiences
  14. If you know another language, be sure to include it
  15. if you have been volunteering at a location, don’t list the location multiple times if you have completed more than 1 project there

If you want a second opinion on your resume from a Career Peer, considering dropping by at one of the drop in hours (Monday 11:00-1:00pm, Tuesday 2:00-400pm or Wednesday 11:30-1:30pm) at the student life centre.

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