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What is an elevator pitch?


An elevator pitch is a short 30-60 second summary used to quickly and simply define yourself. It’s a perfect gateway to start conversation when meeting someone new. It’s a great tool to invest time on! Common uses are: ‘tell you about yourself’ in an interview, introducing yourself at a career fair or while networking to create a positive lasting impression.

There are three main elements to the elevator pitch. Firstly, introduce yourself – name, degree, school, related experience, skill or qualifications. Secondly, be aware about the person whom you choice to talk to. Touch on a common denominator topic, acknowledge their work to show you’ve done your research or simply express your interest in their profession/company. Lastly, express what you are looking for and how you have a competitive advantage. If you don’t know the individual, you can say ‘how can my skills be beneficial to you or your company?’ Remain confident, professional and enthusiastic when networking! Remember to be original and do not be afraid to be yourself!

This term, there are amazing opportunities at Western that allow you to sharpen your elevator pitch!

  1. On Jan 28th, Brescia’s Student Life Center is hosting it’s 4th annual Career Symposium from 6 – 9:30 pm. It is a free event for all Brescia students and recent grads. Become familiar with the panels profiles and the event breakdown. For more information and registration:
  2. On March 2nd, the London Economic Development Corporation is holding a Student 2 Business Networking event from 3-8 pm at the London Convention Center. With a fee of $10, they are providing a guest speaker: Bobby Umar, workshops, transportation, food and beverage ticket and coat/boot check. To learn more, check out their website:


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