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Guest Blog: Why You Should Apply for Exchange!

On the blog today, we have another Brescia student’s experience from her exchange in France! Check out why Christina would suggest that every student apply for the exchange program!
Bonjour, mon amies! My name is Cristina Benea. I am a fourth year Honors Specialization in Foods and Nutrition student. I had the great opportunity to participate in the international exchange that Brescia offers in France. I attended LaSalle University which is located in Beauvais, just half an hour by train from Paris. One of the best decisions that I have made in my life is applying for this amazing opportunity. International exchanges are not only a wonderful way to meet new people, but also to challenge and discover more about yourself.
Studying at LaSalle University made me feel like I was part of an international community. The professors who taught us came from all parts of the world. For example, the professor who thought the Mediterranean Diet course flew from Lebanon to teach us more about his culture and their cuisine.
The student association led many events for the international students. One of my favourite ones was taking a road trip and visiting Mont Saint-Michel located in Northern France. Being an international student at LaSalle University gave me the opportunity to travel around not only France but numerous other European countries. During weeks when you are not taking certain courses, you get the chance to plan trips with other students from your program or other international programs LaSalle offers. The Beauvais –Tille airport, well known for charter and low cost flights is conveniently located 15 minutes away by car from LaSalle University, which makes travel very affordable. Other opportunities to travel are also provided through the school curriculum. I learned a lot about the history of French cuisine and wine during the wine and cheese trip that took place closer to the end of the program.
Another reason for choosing to study at LaSalle University is the fact that you will have exposure to so many different people coming from all over the world to study together. There is one residence building for all of the international students, which is a great opportunity to bond with a large and diverse group of individuals. I have made many friends there and you might even find a best friend as I did. A fun activity we decided to do in residence was having different nationalities cook traditional dishes at the end of the week. As a Foods and Nutrition student getting to try traditional dishes from all over the world is a dream come true.
As you can see, there are numerous reasons to study at LaSalle. Take the plunge into a journey through world renowned cuisine, lasting friendships and unforgettable memories at LaSalle University. Now is your chance! Visit: