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Being a Soph Peer Mentor: Why Soph?


Hi Brescia! I have been involved in the Soph Peer mentor program for two years of my university career, and as a new semester is starting, a new Soph team is also being formed.  I reached out to a good friend of mine who was one of my first years when I was a Soph, Julia Piach, who is also the upcoming Head Soph for next year.  I asked her opinion on her own Soph experience to share with all of you, and to encourage you to send your applications in! Coming from experience, you will not regret it!

Guest Blog: Julia Piach

Being a soph has been one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had thus far in my Brescia experience, and actually, my university experience as a whole. It’s something that’s really tied everything together for me as an individual, as well as everything I’ve learned since my first day arriving on campus.

Lets take a look at first year Julia; I was an incredibly timid human being. Coming from a very small high school where I was very involved in student life I thought I would thrive moving to a new city on my own, and a new school, even not knowing anyone. I stepped foot on campus and I literally clammed up into a little hermit and was so intimidated. I didn’t know where to start, it was pretty scary. I didn’t think this whole “going away for university” thing was off to a swell start, but then something pretty cool happened. I was introduced to a very intriguing individual dressed in fluorescent yellow getup who claimed to be my “floor Soph”. At the time I literally had no clue what that meant, or why she was so excited to meet me. All I knew was that I had a friend, a friend I never even had to really search for. She took me under her wing and within hours we were best pals. My Soph completely changed my first year experience and from that point on I knew thats exactly what I was going to strive for. I wanted to make students smile and make a difference in their hearts whether it be big or small.

As I carried on through my years at Brescia, I was lucky enough to be chosen for the 2015 Soph Team and let me tell you, I was ecstatic. My experience on the team was incredible, and I honestly learned more than I could have ever imaged. There were incredible ups and moments where I felt like I wasn’t doing a good job, but through it all I had a beautiful team to look to for guidance and support.

Now we zip forward to this year, and I am writing this as the incoming Head Soph for the 2017 term. I can’t even put into words how incredible it feels to have the opportunity to lead this team in the upcoming months.

SO, you may be wondering what even is a Soph? I’ve read this blog post now and all I’ve gathered is that a Soph is this supposedly incredible entity wearing brightly coloured clothing. Let me explain: A Soph is a student in second year or above who wants to positively impact their school community in regards to easing new to Brescia students in their first year attending school. We are part of the Western Orientation program as only a piece of the big picture, as there are main campus Sophs and other affiliate Sophs who are also in place for first year transition. The main goal of a Soph is to truly be a friend and mentor to incoming students, whether it is to lend an ear to listen, be a liaison of campus resources, or even just someone to ease the stress of transition. Our job is predominate during orientation week but continues on throughout the year as we keep our communication open with activities, trips and bonding with the students.

 I truthfully could not speak more highly of the orientation program. It gives so much in regards to experiencing a solid team and teamwork, giving and accepting support, and leading your peers. It is an experience I’d recommend to anybody to apply to, one I would say changed my outlook of how I was involved in my school community for the better. I’m telling you, complete an application!! APPLY TO SOPH!!!

 Applications can be found on // Due: January 18th, 9am //