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Job searching? Here’s an Eggxcellent tip ;)


Are you having troubles job searching or are not sure where else to look?? Well here’s another place to check out !

TalentEgg is a blog geared for students and new graduates who are job searching early in their career. You can look at different provinces, industries and sectors as well as even specific cities!


Add this to your job searching toolkit!

Remember you can’t only job search on your computer, physically visiting places and booking informational interviews are also great ways to grow your network and possibilities. Social networking is important but don’t forget to put yourself out there and attend physical networking events as well! 🙂

TalentEgg is also hosting a Campus Recruitment and Excellence Awards and Conference in Toronto on May 14th. Click to learn more.

Good luck in your job search! 😀

-One Brescia girl to another*

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