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Maximize Your Skills: Leadership

thWhen you think leadership, what comes in mind? Your boss, the prime minister or an activist. Well, it’s not just limited to those titles. You don’t need a specific job title to indicate if you are a leader.

A leader is anyone who helps themselves and others to set direction, build an inspiring vision or create something new. It means different things to different people around the world based on religious, political or social circumstances. There are differences between a leader and a manager as they have different objectives and approaches to their challenges. leadership_quiz

Employers are always looking for new creative people to join their teams. They seek people with strong leadership and interpersonal skills to see progress in their company. Individuals who have innovative visions and are able to deliver by inspiring others are ideal. Employers wants employees who can push boundaries and keep a cohesive team environment at the workplace. Hence, it is highly important that you showcase your leadership skills in your resume, cover letter and interviews.

Leadership can be overwhelming because it requires having strong communication, time management and problem solving skills. But start to tackle those challengesimages at a young age is greatly beneficial in the long run. Simple tasks such as joining clubs, student council or school/community volunteering are great places to building your expertise. Once you become comfortable with that routine, you can push yourself and apply for an executive club or student council position. Or you can start working in a field of interest and start using you
r skills.

Regardless of you realizing or not, at some people you have been a leader. Examples may be either in a school group project, playing a sport or organizing a summer camp. It all depends on your aspirations if you would like to build these skills to suit your needs.

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