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Maximize your Skills: Organizational

“I have class at 8:30am then work from 12pm-4pm and then 3 hour lecture at 5:30pm. I need to go home, clean my room and make dinner…”

So much to do but only so many hours. It’s time to start making those minutes, hours and days count! Coming into a new environment means adjusting to the changes by making new friends, new goals and understanding the culture. We all know that but it’s challenging to accomplish.

An important thing to remember O3 is to remain organized. If tasks and events are prioritized, the transition into a new environment will not be overwhelming. The best part is that we subconsciously have been prioritizing on our own and now it’s a matter of actively organizing all your tasks. So don’t let school and work start piling, house chores, friend and family commitments make you feel defeated. Simply start by organizing all your tasks and prioritizing everything by importance (eg. deadlines) to relieve the stress, save time and optimize your energy.

The following are tips and tricks to how to be organized:O1

  1. Make a do-list and write everything down everything. Include your short-term and long-term goals so you can assess all the tasks that need to be accomplished. This is will give you more control over the situation.
  2. Prioritize your list so you can decide what needs immediate attention. Make different categories different colours to make it easier for you to spot tasks. For example, by making school the colour red – your brain will be able to recognize it as a top priority.untitled
  3. Transfer the information to a calendar in your room and virtually (Eg. Google Calendar) to categorize the tasks. It’s important that the calendar is visible because it should be a constant reminder for all your tasks. Remember to set reminders on your phone about important dates so you don’t forget them.
  4. Make big projects into smaller tasks to make goals more realistic. For example, if you have a school project due by the end of the semester, make the small tasks a weekly priority so by the end it won’t be overwhelming.
  5. Lastly, just remain calm and complete one priority at a time so it’s not stressful to do all at once. Make sure there is a balance between school, friends and family. Make time for yourself by being involved with clubs, exercise or simply some alone time.O4

Organizational skills are highly valued because they are applicable to all aspects of life. Always showcase these skills when actively seeking employment. Highlight this on your resume, cover letter and in interviews as they strengthen your communication, reliability and leadership skills. Organizational skills are greatly useful and most employers likely to hire individuals who can keep a balance and work efficiently. These skills are not limited to just students as all individuals (eg. Employers, Professors) need to them to run through life smoothly. As adults, these skills are crucial for going to work, paying bills and having a family.

Enhance your organizational skills by taking proactive steps to maximize the hours in the day. Remember to stay motivated and be confident!


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