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How to become a member of Canadian Society of Nutrition Management (CSNM)?

Found the previous post on working as a FSM fascinating? Want to learn more about working as a FSM at long term care facilities or hospitals in Canada?

You must be a member of the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management (CSNM) to do so.


To be eligible for Active Membership in the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management (CSNM), an individual must fulfill one of the conditions outlined below:

  2. GRADUATION FROM ANY OTHER POST SECONDARY PROGRAM WILL NEED TO WRITE THE CSNM ENTRANCE EXAMThe candidate will be required to complete an application for membership, the required non-refundable application fee and proof of successful completion of the college or university program (copies of transcripts and copy of degree/diploma). If the candidate meets the criteria, they will be required to write the CSNM examination.

Competencies being tested on the CSNM examination
The exam breakdown is broken down to test on 8 competencies

  1. Professionalismcompetencies
  2. Quality management
  3. Nutrition and healthy living
  4. Clinical nutrition
  5. Food service systems management
  6. Human resources management
  7. Financial/ business management
  8. Marketing and promotion

12.5% each- making up to a total of 100%

Check out this link for more details on each competency:

Here is a list of resources that will help prep you for writing the exam:

To write the exam:

  1. Contact CSNM office to indicate interest in writing the entrance exam and for ENTRANCE EXAM AND PROCTOR REGISTRATION PACKAGE
  2. Arrange for a proctor (
  3. Check list of examination dates on the CSNM website.
  4. Mail in the completed registration package for approval a week before the selected exam dates. The exam and instruction package will be mailed to the proctor
  5. Mail in completed exams by date marked on the exam verification form in the package

For more information about CSNM, click here for more information.

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